Memoira Biography

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Jani Puusa


Hannu Lindholm


Lassi Nuolivaara


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Matti Virtanen


Memoira is a symphonic metal band from Finland formed in 2007. Having released two albums world wide (Memoira 2008 through Nightmare records and Memories, Tragedies, Masquerades 2013 as a self release) and after a four-year hiatus, the band is releasing their third album Carnival Of Creation on September 25th through Inverse Records.

Birth and debut album

Memoira was born in 2007 by Jani Puusa, Marko Heurlin, Timo Fetula, Lassi Nuolivaara & Jussi Lamminharju, after being known as Serene for 6 years. The band had gone an overhaul change in music and had parted ways with their former vocalist Maija Saari, now replaced by Jemina Pitkälä. After a couple months of writing, the band began recording their debut album. After a year of recording, mixing, and mastering the album, Memoira released their self-titled debut album on August 19, 2008 vial Nightmare Records. The debut album also featured a single from the track Liberation, which was also made into a music video. The music video for Liberation was entered into the Garage Countdown competition where it placed second. In 2010 it was announced through Nightmare Records that Memoira's debut album was one their highest selling record.

Memoira 2007

  • Jemina Pitkälä: Vocals
  • Jani Puusa: Guitar
  • Marko Heurlin: Guitar
  • Lassi Nuolivaara: Keyboards & Piano
  • Jussi Lamminharju: Bass
  • Timo Fetula: Drums

Sophomore Album and New Vocalist

In 2010, while writing the bands sophomore album, vocalist Jemina Pitkälä was let go from the band, which led to a world wide search for a new vocalist.


On Feburary 1, 2010, the band announced that Kati Rantala had been chosen as the new lead vocalist. With a new vocalist, the band began work on their new album. After a long period of time writing and arranging the band finally hit the studio to record their sophomore album.

On July 24, 2012 Marko Heurlin was let go and replaced by Jarkko Kokko.

On November 1, 2013 the band released their new album Memories, Tragedies, Masquerades as a self-release, introducing more progressive and technical approach to song writing. After one year of touring their home country of Finland, the band decided to go into a hiatus.

Memoira 2014

  • Kati Rantala: Vocals
  • Jani Puusa: Guitar
  • Jarkko Kokko: Guitar
  • Lassi Nuolivaara: Keyboards & Piano
  • Jussi Lamminharju: Bass
  • Timo Fetula: Drums

Hiatus and Comeback: New Line-up 2014-2018

In 2018 after a 4 year hiatus the band was reformed by Jani Puusa and Lassi Nuolivaara. The line-up was completed with vocalist Annika Jalkanen, guitarrist Hannu Lindholm, bassist Niko Laaksonen and drummer Matti Virtanen. On December 3rd 2018, the band released a new single Dawn Of Time and a brand new music video. The band returned to the stages on December 1st for a well received comeback. The band is scheduled to release it’s third album Carnival Of Creation in September 25th 2020 through Inverse Records.

Memoira 2020

  • Annika Jalkanen: Vocals
  • Lassi Nuolivaara: Keyboards & Piano
  • Jani Puusa: Guitars
  • Hannu Lindholm: Guitars
  • Niko Laaksonen: Bass
  • Matti Virtanen: Drums